This Election Is More Than Democrats Versus Republicans

This year’s election is more than Democrats versus Republicans. This election will determine if we continue in being a sovereign nation or be like the liberal Democrats wants us to become, a globalist nation without borders. Look at the British People, they were pushed into the European Union and within ten years they begin to lose their British way of life! The British people were subjugated by elite politicians located in Brussels, Belgium. They forced on them unfair laws & Muslim immigration in such numbers that it changed British neighborhoods into sharia law ruled communities with no regard to becoming a citizen of the United Kingdom.

The same liberal elites that have taken over the Democratic party want to destroy American nationalism & our independent way of life. They want us to become globalists without national identity & they want to implement a radical socialist system that forces us to pay for the socialist policies that have bankrupt European countries.

I am a proud American descendant from immigrant grandparents that became naturalized citizens of America & raised us to be American. My uncles fought in Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, and on pacific islands against the Japanese. My grandparent’s family since then has raised red blooded Americans who have served this nation with honor & pride. I for one don’t want to become a globalist nation without identity. I like my American culture that allows me freedom & personal independence. To work as hard as I want & to support my family to the best of my ability.

Britain has voted to leave the European Union because they saw their way of life becoming extinct in the shadow of globalism. They realized that their centuries old traditions, customs & way of life had been taken away from them. That’s why the working class people of the British Empire voted to get out of the European Union. They were sick and tired of being ruled by politicians who had no regard to their way of life who taxed them without true representation.

Today Hillary Clinton with her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” is nothing more than a push towards globalism. Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama are both globalist liberals who want to transform America & its people into becoming a globalist identity without borders & no national pride. They hate America & if Hillary is made President, our nation will continue to deteriorate from within. Hillary must be stopped.

This election is about our survival as Americans first! This election is about raising our children as Americans, proud of our historical achievements unlike Obama & Hillary Clinton who apologize for our American Exceptionalism. This election is about taking back our country from corrupt political elites like Hillary Clinton who want us to be transformed into a globalist community with no borders. That would be a disaster! Just ask the working Brits how they liked it!

I want an American future for my children & I am willing to fight for it. I want my grandchildren to have the opportunities I had growing up in this exceptional country! I want them to know the freedoms I have enjoyed and the pride I feel when our flag is flown and the love of country when people stand with hands over hearts pledging their allegiance. Donald Trump has been right on so many issues & has not let political correctness silence him. Donald Trump is not a polished politician and he often gets into trouble because he tells it like it is. Honesty, to Donald Trump is just as natural as talking, unlike Hillary Clinton who can’t keep from lying because if she told the truth she would be put in prison.

Donald Trump wants to put America and it’s people first. It’s about damn time our leaders in government wake up & start listening to the American people! This election is our only weapon we have as working class Americans & we need to tell the political elites on both sides of the aisle we have had enough! Let’s Unite & vote for Donald Trump who isn’t a polished politician & hasn’t sold out to special interest groups.

I am going to vote for Donald Trump because I want to have an American future for my grandchildren unlike those so called republicans by name, who have sold their souls to personal enrichment selling out their country and the people they suppose to represent to maintain their power.

These so called republicans are the dark stains that dress like sheep but are the very ones who side with those who want to transform our nation. They are traitors to the cause of Liberty & their disunity in this election will forever be recorded in history as the traitors they are! I for one will not grit my teeth and look the other way in order to give Hillary Clinton a win as some prominent republicans have urged us to do. I have a message for y’all, those of us who love our country have long memories and we will make you pay at the ballot box.

I love America too much to allow a dishonest & crooked Hillary Clinton to become President. I hope you join me by voting for Donald Trump this November & by doing so fight for our American way of life.

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Under Pressure To Conform or Change To The Standards Of The World

So often we are pushed and put under pressure to conform and change to the standards of the world so that we can become socially acceptable. Everyday we are bombarded with commercials as to what is popular and current trends that seek to change who we are by dressing up our outward appearance. It seems that the vanity of the world we live in has no boundaries in that today you can actually recreate yourself outwardly without limit. Many are always seeking to change their outward appearance using makeup to hide blemishes, a new haircut to gain self esteem, a pedicure to feel pampered, a new wardrobe to make you feel confident and if you really hate yourself you can even get a sex change. Anything and everything is allowed as long as you can pay for it, so that your outward appearance is as you want it to be. I am reminded of the talented young man Michael Jackson and all the transformations he put his face through. He was so dissatisfied with himself that his final days were dark and drug filled leading to his death. Bruce Jenner the Olympic gold medalist of recent fame is another extreme example of a person changing his outward appearance to become Caitlyn Marie Jenner. There are untold thousands maybe even millions of people who like these two examples are dissatisfied with who they are or how they look. Billions of dollars are spent yearly by people all over the world in an effort to make themselves more popular, more socially acceptable, but in all their efforts to change themselves it is never quite enough. This is the sad truth that no matter how much effort we put to changing our outward appearance, we remain unchanged inside ourselves.

The good news is that there is a way that changes you from the inside out that totally transforms you into all you can be. It is such a powerful transformation that there can be no other term to describe it other than ” Being Born Again “. This good news is from our creator God who formed us in his image to reflect his character and goodness. The main ingredient for this type of transformation is unadulterated pure “LOVE” from the very heart of God himself. This type of transformation is radical, but it costs nothing in dollars and is free to all who desire it. Don’t get me wrong in that I said it’s free, it is costly in that one person gave his life so that everyone in the world could have an opportunity to under go this “Born Again” transformation. So for you and me it has been gifted to us by our creator God who so loved mankind that even after we had fallen from his presence because of our sinful nature, sought a divine plan to restore us and make us whole again.

There are so many of us that have sought to satisfy that inner emptiness by materialistic gains that bring us only momentary happiness, or we are so dissatisfied with who we are that we spend all our energies and money transforming our outward appearance only to be left unfulfilled. That is why God in his ultimate wisdom knew our needs and commissioned a plan to set us free from all the empty promises of a fallen world. His plan was so radical that even the principalities and powers were unable to contemplate the awesome depth of our creator’s love towards us. For had they known the power that was released to set captives free, they would never have crucified the son of God Jesus. It is in this person, the son of the living God and our relationship to him, that holds such radical power that is able to transform the worst dredges of mankind among us into new creations full of light.

So for over two thousand years the call has gone out into the world for all those who are heavy laden to lift up their heads and look to the one Jesus who is able to transform you totally from the inside out. If only we all had the courage to call on the name of Jesus and seek him with all our hearts. Christ Jesus would then take us by the hand and would begin a work in us, that its final product would be such a radical transformation from our old self that only the description of “Born Again” can suffice. He begins when we truly call on him from our broken hearts as he washes away the burdens of our sins and failures and fills us with his Spirit. And as we learn about him from studying the scriptures He endows us with the baptism of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to understand who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord. In Christ Jesus we are seated at the right hand of Almighty God far above all principalities and powers that would seek to destroy us. Once we accept Christ as our savior, our life long journey begins to unfold and as we study to show ourselves approved, the very words found in the bible begin to transform our minds and hearts as revelation after revelation is revealed unto us of who Jesus our savior is and his ability to reveal the very person of God unto us. This very knowledge of who we are in Christ Jesus once fully understood, so radically transforms us from the inside out that we then are able to take on the character of our risen lord so that we become more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us.

So if you are dissatisfied with life in any measure, if all your efforts to transform your appearance has left you wanting, tired of the dog eat dog world of ruthlessness, the endless compromise needed just to function in this fallen world, then my dear friend I sincerely urge to try that free gift of Christ Jesus who is truly able to transform you into and overcoming child of the living God. Yes, it may seem foolishness to the unregenerate mind and heart of man, but if all your mighty efforts and continuous striving has not fully meet your expectations and has left you just as miserable as when you started, then my friend we must ask the question. “If I have sought with all my strength and resources to satisfy my soul by seeking the world and all it’s promises and have yet to find my peace and satisfaction, is it not time to try something new?” Dear friend, what have you got to lose since you have been searching for that one thing that will quench your thirst and fill you with personal satisfaction and have not found it! Why then don’t you try a true remedy from the hand of God himself who created us in his image. Reach out to Jesus. Call on him today and seek him with all your heart, for all who lay hold of Christ are truly transformed from the inside out and are able to be satisfied in whatever condition they find themselves in, simply because they have known God and have found their true identity in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My prayer is that multitudes of people who have been looking for life’s answers would be moved by the Spirit of God to turn to Jesus in prayer and repentance. That God would so move you that even now as you read these words the Spirit of God would so touch you in a special way that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is seeking you. All I have to offer you is my testimony of what God has done for me in Christ Jesus and though I may be moved to tears in your behalf, as I petition God for your salvation only you and your willingness can open the door to your heart to Jesus. He is touching you now dear friend, resist him not and go to him as you are and He will not disappoint you, but will take you into a life long journey of great expectations and a life totally transformed by light.

Written by Daniel F. Zepeda Sr.

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Excellent News from the Obama Administration “The Hostages Have Been Released from Iran

Today we have received excellent news that the hostages being held against their will in the terrorist state of Iran were released. Despite all the possible political ramifications, as Americans we can still rejoice with those who have been held captive, are now free. Our joy should in no way be seen as complacency or weakness concerning the truth about Iran & their criminal theocracy who is at war with us, despite our government’s failure to acknowledge or confront Iran’s criminal behavior. Yes, as Americans who love our freedom, we too can rejoice that the hostages taken by Iran have now been released and for a moment in time allow our hearts to be filled with shared happiness as the families of those held hostage celebrate the return of their loved ones.

Having said that, we can also as American citizens, continue to understand that Iran and all it’s actions both the few good actions combined with their many antagonistic and covert actions have always been to advance the desire of this evil nation to spread terror world wide and dominance throughout the middle east. Iran has and always will be our enemy despite the elaborate guile and outright lies by the Obama administration as they have tried to paint this pig of a nation with lipstick. Both President Obama and the Secretary of State John Kerry in their personal quest for fame and historical significance in their many actions to appease Iranian leaders with their dubious nuclear deal, continuous spineless reactions, have encouraged the leaders of Iran to continue on their path as the number one terrorist state in the world.

Obama’s weak actions and at times imperceptive understanding of world problems is not because he is stupid! Obama’s actions are cold and calculated and meant to advance his liberal transformation of America. In Obama’s world, all the problems of humanity are the fault of American Imperialism. Obama sees our nation as an evil empire, which explains his strategy of transforming America from a superpower to a broken shell in the eyes of the world. He has also weakened us in foreign affairs that even our friends are looking for new alliances because of fear that America can no longer be trusted. Seeing our soldiers on their knees as Iranians bordered our ships, is an image that has so stricken me that I know that if our forefathers were alive they would have hung their heads in shame not because our soldiers being captured but that a rogue nation had the gall to challenge us. I am outraged at our President’s treasonous conduct as even now he prepares to deliver 150 billion dollars to the terrorist state of Iran. Don’t be fooled! It is my opinion that even the release of the hostages from Iran was preplanned for today by the Obama administration with full knowledge and agreement of Iranian leadership in order to ease criticism of releasing to this terrorist nation 150 billion dollars, money they will use to kill us.

I thank God that although President Obama has caused our nation great harm he has not totally succeeded. The American people are waking up to the fact that this Obama administration under the auspices of the Democratic party is directly responsible for the weakened state of the union. We can no longer remain silent on the sidelines but we must understand what is at stake! Our way of life is being jeopardized by the liberal Democratic party leadership and its communist agenda of wealth distribution, intrusive government, and “hate laws” meant to silence all who disagree.

We need to understand that we are facing a divine moment in which our actions or lack of, will determine our future and the future of our children. Deception is running rampant, truth is no longer viewed as an absolute, and Christianity is under full attack, which is in their plan to weaken our national identity. Our foundational beliefs are laughed at and if you dare stand up for them you are shunned and ridiculed as a fool or racist. We must understand that supernatural forces are at play and the ultimate goal is the destruction of who we are in Christ. For it is in this knowledge of who we are in Christ that has kept us free from many strong enemies that would have enslaved us.

The last bulwark of our defense is under tremendous attack and many of us are totally unaware. Our Faith in God is purposefully being destroyed in our schools, our colleges, and from the public domain and once complete men and women all over the world will fall into greater deception and the age of darkness will be ushered in. It is my duty and my hope to awaken you to this great peril and that together we would no longer look to man to fix our problems but instead kneel before our creator God in repentance and call on him from a broken and contrite heart and return to him whose arms continue to be outstretched to receive us.

How long will we continue to be idle? Truly in our prosperity we have grown fat like Eli and like Eli have failed to restrain ourselves and our children. We are at the crossroad of time and our actions or lack of actions will determine the future of our nation and our souls. If we continue to turn our back on God and fail to share our faith in Jesus the son of God, we will never be assured of an excellent future, and the grace we once valued far above gold or precious things will be trampled under foot even as Christ and his blood are trampled under foot today. But regardless of the darkness now spreading all over the world, those of us who are in Christ will continue to shine as lights for our future is secure for all eternity.

Soon we will elect a new president, and it is my hope that we will call on God to give us direction on who to vote for. That we would use biblical fruits to judge those who seek to lead us and if they fail to meet up to these biblical standards we should reject them. This election is of utmost importance and we must as a people vote with knowledge of those running ensuring we understand what they represent. Let us research the candidates and let us seek Godly guidance to help us make the right choice. If we allow Obama’s policies to continue by electing a liberal as in Hillary or Sanders a devout communist, or even a false conservative the consequences will be devastating.

There are many challenges facing us a people and as a sovereign nation and I pray that all over America that as citizens of this great nation we will answer the call to action and fight for the freedoms we so love. And may the Lord of Hosts strengthen our hands for war and grant us the defeat of all our enemies both foreign and domestic. Today we can rejoice that the hostages held by the terror state of Iran have been released and we should rejoice for that is who we are, an American family that stands and fights together.

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